Creator and Coach

I’m Miki Jo Resto (Coach Mj), creator of Imagine Your Health for professional and personal development. I believe your business and career can be energy gaining and health building.

You are unique. So, I begin each client with an innovative set of assessments.  My coaching approach is very personalized and has proven to be highly effective.

Health is often an overlooked component of success. Developing business in a way that’s aligned with “who you are” builds healthy energy flow and forward momentum.

­Seasoned Professional with a Blended Background

I’ve coached and trained thousands of people over the last 20+ years. From this, I’ve sharpened my gifts and skills for observing others and assessing what motivates them.

I blend substantial business experience, leading-edge research in epi-genetics and practices from ancient wisdom.

Miki Jo Resto

“I define success for myself as creating the deepest impact with the most people that I can, in a way that supports my health and values. I know when I’m experiencing success because I’m gaining energy on all levels while I’m reaching my goals and manifesting my vision”

Business Background

I’ve held leadership positions as Director of Account Management, Development Director, General Manager, Senior Director, and VP. I’ve also been a long-time business owner, entrepreneur and CEO of my own companies. I owned my first successful business at 25, which was a high-end retail shop. I’ve been an entrepreneurial business owner for my whole career, even during times that I held corporate leadership positions. Through all of this I’ve gained the experience to really understand the opportunities and challenges of business and life – and how that all effects your health and long-term success.


The first year I worked with MJ I nearly tripled my income…Now, I’m closing on my own dream house.”


Along the way, I went through my first program to become a professional transformation coach and never stopped. I recognized that I love serving people. So came an inspiration to focus my marketing and business acumen with my passion for people into the Talent Management Industry (everything that has to do with developing people – business start-ups, careers and hiring, leadership development, training and coaching, etc.)

From years of coaching many types of people, I’ve learned that what we achieve is very connected to our health – mental, emotional and physical.


Health & Well-being

Miki Jo Resto

Health and Well-being provides the foundation for growth and rapid momentum, sustained focus, and long-term personal and professional success.

Science has proven that the mind/body system of every person is singularly unique. The science of epi-genetics has proven that we are not bound to a genetic or DNA blueprint. We literally create our destiny and outcomes, consciously or unconsciously. (Epi-genetics, simply put, is the science of how our mind and body responds to our thoughts, what we eat and the environment. We each respond uniquely.)

Epi-genetics has led to a breakthrough in medicine that’s gaining rapid acceptance, called Personalized Lifestyle Medicine.

Practices from ancient wisdom are often focused on lifestyle and support successful shifts of the mind/body interaction. Assessments and medical testing often help target what methods, tools or practices are most needed for an individual. Food & Spirit is an example of science meets ancient wisdom.

Certifications & Education

  • Business & Leadership Certifications: Professional Transformation Coach, Advanced Leadership, Advanced Facilitation, Performance-based Hiring, Personal Strengths & Motivational Assessments, Strategic Planning & Organizational Assessment; Education – Colorado State University, BA of Marketing & Communications
  • Health & Wellness Certifications: National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, (NBC-HWC); Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCA); Food & Spirit Practitioner (Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS); Plant-based Nutrition (eCornell, Cornell U); Pranic Healing (Pranic Healing Institute, USA); Soul Motion; Conscious Movement (Vinn Marti)
  • Health & Wellness Studies: Functional Medicine: A Systems Approach to Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Disease, Course Completion (Institute of Functional Medicine); HeartMath; Egoscue: Structural Alignment & Anatomy; Yoga & Pilates; Former Competitive Athlete and Dance


Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute – PLM is the intersection of personalized medicine, lifestyle, and patient activated healthcare. Its mission is to transform healthcare through the promotion of information, innovation, and implementation of personalized lifestyle medicine.
 Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Food & Spirit Food effects not only our energy levels, but also how we think, act and our state-of-being. Food &Spirit blends the best of science and the art of healing by using ancient traditions and modern science. This nutritional approach helps to free you of eating just for the body and embrace nourishment for the whole self, transforming your relationship with food.
Food & Spirit

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) – Practical, hands-on training in the principles of Functional Medicine & nutrition, mind-body medicine, and positive psychology coaching. The only health coaching program founded in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine.
The Functional Medicine Institute

The Functional Medicine Institute – Functional Medicine takes all of the key elements from conventional medicine and combines them with a systems biology approach that seeks the underlying causes of chronic illness to create a cohesive models that puts the patient at the center of medical care.
The Functional Medicine Institute

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