Transform the health of your business and yourself.


The approach is very individualized. She obviously has a plan, but she always puts it back on me to direct where we’re going.”

Would you like to feel unstoppable, while feeling better than you ever have?

My clients achieve bigger and faster results than they can achieve on their own. To get you there, we’ll focus on a whole person approach – your strengths, talents, habits and health.

As we direct your attention and energy into all the right places your business grows, your projects flow and being effective with others becomes easier.

Just as exciting as a healthy business, my clients report feeling more present, peace-of-mind, stronger and even more inspired.

Why Coach Mj with Imagine Your Health?

Think about the health of your business and your personal Well-being. It’s all included.

I have a unique methodology for transformation, blending my deep business background and expertise with leading-edge science on the mind/body connection and personal health.

Every client has a goal, a vision, or a dream. Health is a resource. It supports your ability to implement, live a greater quality life and increase the experience of joy.

More about Health & Well-being

Who wants Coaching?

If you want to be unstoppable, have a goal or vision and are a –

    • Business Owner or Entrepreneur
    • Professional or Practitioner
      (Self-employed or Employed)

My coaching approach may be right for you. My unique and blended methodology builds the kind of momentum that creates big results, faster than you can achieve alone. Results you can sustain and build on.


Coach Mj has a whole person approach that impacts business success, life balance, health and wellness,…every area of your life. She really gets you working inside that quadrant of productivity for yourself. This was a huge reason why my business changed. I became so much more effective.”


I’m not just a transaction, and I’m not cookie cutter. She does not do it the same with everybody, and I can feel that. The value I get from coaching with MJ is specific. It increases over time like a fine wine, because nothing is lost in our time together. ”


Coach Mj brings to the table a holistic approach to business development… I wasn’t expecting the value I got.”


I have a new level of self-confidence now. People are looking at me as an industry leader and coming to me for advice. They want to know what’s my secret.”


Mj has patience. She doesn’t just serve up a new tool or mechanism to work with until she really hears that there’s a space, a willingness, a need or desire to receive it. So, there is no big fat agenda pushing forward. It’s all about me. I feel that equals a new kind of respect that I have not had in coaching before.”


She’s helped me tremendously on developing business and has also helped me see how taking care of my energy has a huge impact on my success.”


Her coaching method has made it easy for me to accept the changes I want to make because there is so much respect in the way she shows up as my Coach. I find that I don’t resist new information. I don’t feel like change is threatening or too uncomfortable. It’s the way in which I’m treated that has made this so successful for me.”


I was thinking of coaching just from a business perspective. I didn’t feel like I had any personal or health issues holding me back… and then we got to work.”

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